1. This article is talking about how Peter Kareiva and Michelle Marvier’s paper about conservation biology differs from Soulé’s paper. They include that they both agree something is needed to be done but differ in deciding the best approach to reach conservation goals.

  1. Gabriella, Osama, Reema and Rosena
    “Biodiversity versus ecosystem services”

    Marvier and Kareiva are continuously combating the ideas that are solely environmentally based by continuing to be inclusive to human harm as well. He states, “the fate of nature and that of people are deeply intertwined”. This is explicitly in regard to oil spills impacting crop management and growth.

  2. Karieva mentions that conservation science in the present differs than in the future because, nature can prosper and be healthy as long as humans are not neglectful about it. He means that if everyone cares just a little bit we can be in good shape. that means that we care about conservation science for people to live, rather than from people doing damage.

  3. Kareiva and Marvier published a new book in 2018: Effective Conservation Science: Data not Dogma.
    The title previews the book’s criticism of traditional conservation as a collection of beliefs that are rarely supported by empirical, observational data. In the introductory chapter, Kareiva and his collaborators explain how conservation abandoned scientific standards in order to support their advocacy. They ask the scientific community to address this failure because the consequences of inaccurately assessing perceived environmental problems has real world consequences for land, water, and ocean management. Solutions to such environmental problems cannot be found if they are masked by unfounded opinions about the source of those problems.

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