App: “Tour Guide”

A smartphone app and backend hosting solution which makes it easy to record audio walking tours for others to listen to. In ‘guide’ mode the app tracks your path using GPS, and along the way you stop and describe what you are seeing. Images and short video clips can also be captured, although audio is ‘primary.’

These elements are bundled into a tour ‘package’ and hosted. In ‘visitor’ mode on the app you can search for tours near you, download them, and be guided along the same route. The app keeps users on or near the path, and the voice recordings play automatically when you reach the appropriate locations.

This app was inspired by the idea of creating ‘nature walks’, but obviously has much broader scope (walking tours of cities, etc.). It also has commercial potential — individual authors could charge a fee for their tours, with the developer (who also hosts) taking a cut. There could be a pay-up-front version for institutional use where they could add branding, etc.


I am not an app developer! So, this will not be a mentoring type relationship in which I guide you through the process of app coding. I do scientific programming in high-level languages (Wolfram Language, R, etc.). These app projects therefore require students (ideally a small team) with either existing app development skills, or a strong desire to pick them up using whatever resources you have at hand. My input will be in overall UI design, plus any computational algorithms the app requires. But the bottom line is that we will be equal partners — you will ‘own’ the project with me, and therefore must be interested and motivated. That could look good for you: you will be able to say “I made this”. If you are still interested, I suggest you first see if you can find fellow students to make up a small team. If not, you can let me know of your interest and if others also contact me I will put you in touch.

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