BIOL 368: Media Resources

Ecology and Evolution of Disease: Media resources


This page contains a mixture of embedded video and links to external sites. The syllabus on the main class page will indicate when particular videos should be looked at. Many of the videos are available in higher resolution if you click thorugh to their ‘site of origin’ (e.g., or

Richard Dawkins on evolutionary medicine

A good introduction to the subject, in four parts. Note that the transitions at the begnninsg of parts 2 through 4 are awkward — for a few seconds it will sound like the wrong video is playing.

Paul Ewald on “domesticating germs” (from

This outlines one of the key applications of evolutionary medicine, which is that for certain diseases, we may be able to manipulate their evolutionary trajectory to make them less virulent. This is an independent, complementary benefit to traditional approaches to disease control, which attempt to reduce prevalence.

Nathan Wolfe on predicting emergent diseases (from

Peter Daszak on the role of mathematics in understanding emerging diseases

Peter is the Director of the EcoHealth Alliance, which is based near Penn Station in New York City. From their website: “EcoHealth Alliance works at the intersection of ecosystem, animal and human health through local conservation programs and develops global health solutions to emerging diseases.” This is a short interview conducted at The National Institute for Mathematical and Biological Synthesis (NIMBioS) in 2009.

Hans Rosling on HIV

Talk by Hans Rosling:

Emily Oster on HIV

Talk by Emily Oster:

David Agus on cancer

Talk by David Agus:

Jessica Green: Are we filtering the wrong microbes? (from