EDEN is a Public Benefit Corporation

Its social mission is to make ecologically managed, naturalistic, biodiverse landscapes the mainstream choice for corporations, municipalities and, ultimately, homeowners.

EDEN is a partnership

It primarily partners with existing privately-owned landscape management companies, to help them transition to ecological landscape management. Partners get on-demand consulting expertise, crew training, access to specialized equipment, negotiated prices on native plants and other supplies, advertising and messaging.

EDEN facilitates

EDEN also works with service providers such as landscape architects, native plant nurseries, etc., by linking them with EDEN management partners and helping the whole enterprise scale.

EDEN advocates

In the background, EDEN advocates for acceptance and promotion of ecological management with governments, municipalities, home-owners associations and other organizations.

EDEN learns

Partnering with universities, EDEN projects are monitored for ecological properties, processes and services. Data are stored in a central database available to partners. This grows into a unique source of ecological knowledge, complementing traditional research while also allowing continuous improvement of management practices. We also prepare reports that give end-user clients information on the ecological benefits of their land.

EDEN trains

Through its academic partnerships, EDEN helps train and place a new landscape management workforce for its commercial partners. Traditional, carbon-heavy activities such as wide-area mowing are replaced by integrated vegetation management, requiring a combination of ecological, horticultural and design knowledge.

(EDEN does not yet exist!)

EDEN is currently a business proposal. We are in the phase of customer discovery and business plan development, and are looking to learn. If you are involved in landscape management or a related industry, we would love to talk to you. Please e-mail us at russell@njit.edu